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Guangzhou Petrochemical completed the task of producing special materials for new products

As of November 30, Guangzhou Petrochemical's new product special materials have produced a total of 431,900 tons, completing the annual production task of 423,000 tons ahead of schedule. The new product special materials accounted for 77.76%, and the cumulative effect was over 100 million yuan.

Since the beginning of this year, Guangzhou Petrochemical has developed and produced 11 new products such as K860 and K7017, the highest in the past three years. Among them, MT25, MT600, MT600E and other series of propylene and butyl copolymer and ternary copolymer products developed by the No. 1 polypropylene plant fill the gap in the production of propylene and butyl copolymer transparent materials; the No. 3 polypropylene plant develops new "three high" products K860 and K9930, Break through the bottleneck that the device could only produce impact copolymer polypropylene for injection molding, and expand the product structure; the new high-melt index product PE-LM2750 developed and produced by the polyethylene device is the first mass-produced product of this brand in the Pearl River Delta region The products are comparable to similar imported materials.

While doing its best to develop new products, Guangzhou Petrochemical takes the market as the goal and benefit-oriented, continues to research and optimize, and increase the production of high value-added products. The polyethylene device overcomes the difficulties of powder stickiness, excessive fine powder, poor fluidity, and difficulty in operation control, and realizes the first production of the new product PE-LM2750 in the condensed state of the slurry catalyst, and the production load is increased by nearly 80% compared with that before the optimization. To achieve mass production in half a year, the monthly production schedule is more than 1,000 tons, and the product price is higher than that of polyethylene general materials.

The pipe material PPR4220 produced by the No. 1 polypropylene plant is Guangzhou Petrochemical’s leading product. The device ensures the stability of the reaction temperature and pressure by adjusting the reactor heat exchanger; adjusting the reaction process parameters to improve the low-temperature impact resistance of the product. In the first 11 months, the cumulative production of PPR4220 products was 46,000 tons, an increase of 110% year-on-year. In order to meet the market's demand for pipe materials, while increasing the production of pipe material PPR4220, it also produced large quantities of other pipe materials such as B1600 and H1201. The cumulative production of pipe materials in the first 11 months was 58,000 tons.

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