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Exhibition overview

Shenzhen-the core engine of the Greater Bay Area, a world-class city cluster trillion market

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is an international technological innovation center with global influence. Aiming at the frontiers of world technology and industrial development, strengthening the construction of innovation platforms, vigorously developing new technologies, new industries, new business forms, and new models, and accelerating the formation of an economic system with innovation as the main driving force and support; solidly pushing forward comprehensive innovation reform experiments, and giving full play to Guangdong The advantages of Hong Kong and Macao in technological research and development and industrial innovation have broken the bottlenecks and restrictions that affect the free flow of innovative elements, further stimulated the vitality of various innovation subjects, and built a global technological innovation highland and an important source of emerging industries.


After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, Shenzhen has become a first-class city in my country, an important engine for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and Shenzhen’s high-quality development, innovative industry development, advanced manufacturing development, and the introduction of innovative talents throughout the Greater Bay Area. In all aspects, they all played the role of an engine. The cities surrounding the Greater Bay Area need the radiation and driving capabilities from Shenzhen, thus forming the industrial cluster of equipment manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta region with Shenzhen as the center. Huge market demand for auxiliary processing equipment and other industries.



【Exhibition Features and Services】

1. Each exhibiting company can get a VIP invitation letter for inviting distributors (agents, purchasers) to visit and purchase, and the organizing committee will provide hotel services for VIPs who visit and purchase;

2. After signing up for the exhibition, you can enjoy the services of famous company recommendation and product introduction on the company's cooperative media, official website, and WeChat platform;

3. During the exhibition, many seminars can be admitted free of charge by presenting the exhibitor badge, and there will be related gifts;

4. The organizing committee will release the list of buyers and purchased products from time to time according to its own conditions and advantages;

5. If necessary, exhibitors can ask the organizing committee for the list of buyers and contact information after the exhibition. The organizing committee will provide the list of relevant buyers for free according to the needs of the exhibitors, so that the exhibitors can make better purchases. Business liaison and negotiation;

6. Many gifts will be given during the exhibition. Exhibitor badges and visit badges can be used to participate in the on-site lucky draw. Exhibitors are welcome to sponsor gifts;

7. Professional visitors can enjoy hotel check-in service with pre-registration and gifts. The tour group also enjoys shuttle bus and lunch service.

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