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Exhibition overview


General plastics, engineering plastics, modified plastics, bioplastics, recycled plastics, plastic alloys, general plastic engineering modified products, plastic products, various engineering plastic molding materials, semi-finished products and finished products are used in electronics, home appliances, automobiles, construction, Aviation and aerospace products, etc.;


Chemical raw materials and additives:

Reinforcement materials, various fibers, color masterbatches, resins, polyurethanes, additives, adhesives, antioxidants, antifogging agents, antistatic agents, sealants, polymerization inhibitors, light stabilizers, colorants, coupling agents, inhibitors Burning agent, forming agent, heat stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer, anti-ultraviolet light stabilizer, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, talc, etc.;

Degradable plastics:

Biodegradable plastics, biodegradable masterbatches, photodegradable masterbatches, biodegradable plastics, starch-based, polylactic acid (PLA) (PBS) polybutylene succinate, (PHAs) polyhydroxy fatty acid esters, PBAT materials (PCL) polycaprolactone, biodegradable plastic polyester (PBSA), degradable film (NPPM) bio-based plastic, polypropylene carbonate resin (PPC), (PSB) starch-based biodegradable material, poly-β- Hydroxybutyrate (PHB), PHBV material (PVA) polyvinyl alcohol (PSM) degradation material (PGA) polyglycolic acid, new polymer environmental protection materials, etc.;


Degradable plastic applications:

Food containers, beverage packaging, baking supplies, medical packaging, daily chemical packaging, disposable plastic tableware, packaging materials, environmentally friendly fast food supplies, e-commerce packaging, films, straws, garbage bags, food lunch boxes, food packaging, label films, medical Bio-plastic products, electronic bio-plastic products, food bio-plastic products, hotel bio-plastic products, bio-plastic mobile phone cases, bio-plastic cartridges, bio-plastic toothpaste boxes, bio-plastic combs, bio-plastic toothbrushes, bio-plastic toothpicks, bio-plastic mouthpieces, bio A series of products such as plastic knives and forks;


Plastic machinery:

Plastic packaging machinery, blow molding machines, film blowing machines, injection molding machinery, mechanical arms (extractors), central feeding and auxiliary equipment, hollow molding machinery, extruders and extrusion production lines, plastic machinery parts, press equipment , Foam, reaction/reinforced resin machinery, auxiliary design and production systems, measurement, control and test equipment, pre-processing, recycling machinery, etc.;


Plastic machinery auxiliary equipment category:

Single and twin screw extruders, mixers, reciprocating mixers, pelletizers, underwater pelletizers, rotational molding machines, crushers, new molding process equipment, hollow molding machines and molds, injection molding machines , Compression molding equipment, reaction injection molding equipment, dryers, grinders, metering and feeding devices, heaters, mold temperature controllers and chillers, sensors, monitoring instruments, screw barrels, recycling equipment and systems, testing equipment and instruments Wait;


Rubber, elastomer and machinery:

Rubber machinery and equipment, rubber raw materials, elastomers, silica gel, rubber additives, tires and related products, non-tire rubber products, etc.;

Plastic packaging and film products:

Convex, concave, silk, transfer, hot, heat transfer and slicing, slitting, laminating, sealing and cutting, bag making, adhesive tape, tape manufacturing, film and sheet, film forming and processing machinery, film raw materials and chemical products, etc.;


Plastic recycling technology equipment category:

Pelletizer, double-roll plastic mill, recycling line, cold-pressed powder pellet machine/powder compactor, screen changer/melt filter, crushing equipment (crusher, crusher, shredder , Blade granulator), compounding production line, mixer, plastic granule sorting machine, classification machine and dust removal system, etc.;

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