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Under the normal state of "automotive lightweight": the market scale of injection molding and die-casting machines will rise steadily

At present, in the automobile manufacturing industry under the normal state of "automobile lightweight", automobile exterior parts have basically completed the "plastic replacement of steel", which greatly reduces the overall vehicle weight. Plastic parts can fully meet the development needs of the automotive industry.

   Haitian Plastic Machine


   Haitian Group is the largest manufacturer of injection molding machines in China, and its large and medium-sized injection molding machines account for more than 60% of the domestic market. At the beginning of this year, FAW Faway Group and Haitian Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, Haitian and FAW Faway will carry out a comprehensive cooperation. In addition to continuing the original plastic machine business, they will also develop cooperation in various fields such as CNC machining machine tools, automation technology, intelligent manufacturing, and die-casting machines. Through in-depth technical communication and discussion between the two parties, they will jointly develop special equipment suitable for the processing and production of auto parts, provide better solutions and technical services for the Chinese auto industry, and help the high-quality development of the industry.


   Chen Hsong Group


   Today, Chen Hsong has been deeply involved in the injection molding industry, realizing hard-core leading technology in the manufacturing of all-electric injection molding machines, helping multiple rubber and plastic application industries such as new energy, packaging, automobiles, and medical to upgrade intelligent injection molding technology. Xiong’s main cost-effective MK6 has become the preferred product in the all-electric injection molding machine market due to its superior technology and performance. At the same time, Chen Hsong devoted himself to research and innovation, creating a new generation of MK6 upgrade product MK6e injection molding machine. Help customers in industries such as packaging, automobiles, electronic appliances and sports and leisure to substantially increase the qualification rate of their products.


   Li Jin Technology


   Lijin Technology has been deeply involved in large-scale die-casting machines for many years, and is currently the exclusive supplier of Tesla's ultra-large die-casting machines over 6000 tons. The main business is the design, manufacture and sale of die-casting machines, injection molding machines and CNC machining centers (CNC), of which die-casting machines are the company's main source of income, accounting for 68.8% of the revenue. According to Tesla’s plan, through the use of a die-casting machine of more than 6000 tons, the casting parts of the rear vehicle bottom can be reduced from 70 to two. This technology greatly reduces the traditional die-casting and welding costs, and greatly improves Production efficiency and structural stability of the body, while realizing the lightweight of the body.


  The integrated molding technology of large-scale automobile structural parts of Lijin has been verified and commercialized by customers, realizing intensive production, improving resource utilization and manufacturing efficiency.


   On October 28, 2021, Lijin Group & Beijing University of Chemical Technology Advanced Injection Molding R&D Center was officially inaugurated. The two parties will face the needs of new energy vehicles, modern medical and other industries, and commit to new material injection molding technology, new function injection molding machines, advanced injection molds and other key technologies, product research and industrial application, to meet industry customers' needs for new products and new technologies , To lay a solid foundation for the realization of multifunctional, intelligent and green injection molding machine series products, to be pragmatic and enterprising on the new cooperation platform, to be brave to develop, and to achieve a win-win situation.


   Bole Plastic Machine


   Bole Plastic Machinery is committed to technological innovation in the field of injection molding, adopting the "German technology + Made in China" model to provide customers with more cost-effective injection molding solutions. The two-platen high-precision injection molding machine (DK series) developed by German experts adopts pure German technology and management and is synchronized with the latest European plastic machine manufacturing technology. It will directly compete with European brands and seize the high-end market. The DK series two-platen injection molding machine is a weapon for "Bó Lè" to fully enter the automotive industry, and it will also be the star product of Bó Lè in the future.


   Bole 950DK two-platen machine-with infrared intelligent heating system, one-time molding of fiberboard for automobiles, compared with ordinary injection molding, has higher rigidity and strength, and the product performance is improved by 75%.


The Bó Lè DK two-platen machine developed and designed by German experts has anti-breaking tie rods, mold clamping adopts linear guides, German-designed plasticization system, fast and stable electric brake system, synchronous ejection core (neutron) function, unique The advantages of the injection cylinder design, the variable pitch screw lock nut and so on.




   Topstar's core products such as industrial robots, injection molding machines, CNC machine tools and automation solutions can be widely used in new energy, automotive, aerospace and other industries.


Topstar stated on the investor interaction platform on November 8 that the company’s automation application system business (including industrial robots), injection molding machine business, CNC business, etc., have products and services that have been applied to the new energy vehicle industry chain or are targeting new The energy automobile industry chain is engaged in research and development of related products. At present, the prosperity of the related industry chain is relatively good.


As of June 2021, Topstar has served more than 15,000 customers, including well-known companies such as Bourne Optics, Luxshare Precision, Ningde Times, Jabil Green Dot, BYD, Xinnengde, Yiwei Lithium Energy, etc., covering 3C , New energy, auto parts manufacturing, optoelectronics, household appliances and many other fields.


   Bochuang Intelligence


  Bochuang is an expert on two-platen intelligent injection molding machines, and one of the earliest companies in China to develop large-scale two-platen injection molding machine technology. Such as: Borch’s automated production plan for automobile bumpers, based on Borch’s second-board intelligent injection molding machines BU2500 and BU3300, equipped with feeding systems, molds, auxiliary machines, robots, automation, and injection cloud intelligent manufacturing systems. Product molding, robot linkage cutting gates, flame burning, weighing, laser marking and other automated production processes, and can realize rapid switching of products, and realize the automation, unmanned, and informatization of bumper production.


   As one of the country's first batch of 46 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises, Borch is committed to providing customers with injection molding equipment and intelligent manufacturing service systems, helping domestic auto parts manufacturing enterprises to transform and upgrading intelligently, and promoting the development of China's auto industry chain.




   Yizumi TPE injection molding corner forming solution-YL-C50F is mainly used for corner forming of TPE material automotive static sealing strip. It has the advantages of "ultra-high injection accuracy, high-strength frame, low power consumption, and low floor space" in the field of TPE joint angle applications.


   At present, YL-C50F has entered the European market, and Yizumi rubber machine has also become a Class A supplier of a world-renowned auto parts manufacturer.


   From the perspective of domestic manufacturers, Haitian still occupies the leading position in the industry, and the companies listed above all have certain competitive strength.


   With the development of lightweight 3C products and light-weight energy saving and environmental protection of new energy vehicles, the demand for plastic materials and aluminum and magnesium alloy materials will increase, which will drive the market demand for injection molding machines and die-casting machines. The downstream application fields of injection molding machines are extensive, of which the automobile industry is the main application field, accounting for 29.24%. Data shows that by 2024, the global injection molding machine market is expected to rise steadily from 8.482 billion euros in 2016 to 11.557 billion euros. By 2025, the global market for die casting machines will reach US$2.818.5 million from US$214.5 million in 2019.

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